original stainless etchings

any fish, any size

Wild salmon and steelhead are the most requested images here in the Pacific Northwest but other species including trout, tuna, walleye, rockfish, bass, mahi-mahi, red drum, sturgeon, king and spanish mackerel among others, are also represented in my portfolio. A feather series has recently been added, and I’m in the process of expanding into birds as well.

Each piece is individually etched (or burnished), so no two panels are exactly the same – you can be sure that yours will be an original, one-of-a-kind art piece. I use stainless steel panels that are often fabrication off-cuts or salvaged stainless steel appliances doors. Part of my mission is to reuse these discarded pieces, keeping them out of the waste stream, and do a small part to help in efforts to restore the ecological health of our environment. This theme of reuse and repurposing is also dominant in my assemblage sculpture and wood carving series which can be viewed here.

I first started etching fish back in the mid 1990’s after receiving a commission from the Denver Aquarium for their stainless restaurant tables. Since moving to Bellingham Wa, I have become more aware of the conservation and habitat restoration efforts for wild salmon, steelhead and the many other endangered species worldwide. Their plight have become an increasingly important focus in my life and therefore my art.

Due to the holographic nature of the etching, they’re difficult to photograph and have a much greater impact when seen in person.

My work is displayed throughout the Pacific Northwest including the Hotel Bellwether and Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro in Bellingham, WA,  in LaConnor,  at the LaConner Brewery, at Ristretto Coffee Lounge in Mt. Vernon, WA, and in Bow-Edison at the Smith and Vallee Gallery. The fish have found homes in collections all over the US, Australia, the UK, and Europe. Visit out my Facebook page, for upcoming shows and latest projects.

In addition to the wall pieces, I am often asked to create custom backsplashes, etched refrigerator doors, dishwashers and kegerators. Visit my Etched Backsplashes page to see examples. See more including my found object sculpture or to make inquiries about custom pieces.

I hope you enjoy them.